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Pricing When customers compare our prices with those of other jewelry supply companies, they ask, “How do you do it?” Technology is a big part of the answer. We rely on the latest high-tech equipment to produce jewelry findings in our US and Chinese factories. Our factories do not rely on the traditional processes used by many companies to manufacture jewelry components. High-speed production and extensive automation enable us to produce high-quality jewelry findings at a reasonable price in a very competitive market.

The Best Equipment and Facilities

Our Swiss-made power presses run at 700 to 800 strokes per minute (SPM) making up to 5600 pieces per minute! And we use the same high-tech equipment in our factory in China as we do in the US. How many companies do you know who are still doing manufacturing in the US? Probably very few, if any. Most have moved their manufacturing to Asian or Latin American countries to keep production costs down. But Dama has taken a different approach. We still manufacture jewelry findings in the US, and we are here to stay. Modern factories and high-tech automation enable our manufacturing operations in both the US and China to thrive.

Experienced and Talented Employees

We’ve tapped the best engineering brainpower in the jewelry supply market to design our new products and the best production workers to manufacture jewelry components. Modern, efficient factories attract a talented workforce. We have a long-term presence in the design and manufacturing of jewelry findings in China, and we continue to expand there as we maintain our competitive edge.