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Convenient Service by Dedicated Dama Employees

jewelry findings,jewelry components Are you tired of talking to customer service representatives who don’t understand your language, or worse yet, answer your questions in a way that you can’t understand? Do you dislike talking to customer service personnel only at hours that are convenient for them, not when it is convenient for you? Dama is different!

Our Mission for High-Quality Service

Dama’s mission has always been to provide the same service to all customers in their time zone, in their language, for their specific market needs. 

Dama’s Multi-Lingual Staff around the World

Dama employs a multi-lingual and multi-cultural workforce at a global network of sales offices in Hong Kong, Qingdao, and Ningbo, China; in Bangkok, Thailand; and in Johnston, Rhode Island in the USA. When you call with questions or to order jewelry findings, you’ll speak with our own employees – not agents from another company, who don’t know the jewelry supply business. Our employee will be in your time zone, and the native language spoken will be the same as yours.  And, through the Internet, our employee will have quick access to our product database in real time.  We make sales and customer service easy for you!