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Customers and prospective customers of Dama frequently ask the following questions. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us. We'll answer you promptly and consider adding your question to this list

What does Dama produce?

Dama produces high-quality jewelry findings. The core jewelry components we manufacture are clutches for earrings in a variety of styles, such as bullet or butterfly, gold-tone or silver-tone, and nickel-free or bullet with comfort disc. We also produce earring findings (posts, earwires, and fishhook stoppers) and jewelry connectors. Our other products include jewelry packaging supplies, such as coconut wires and safety barbs. We produce jewelry components from both non-precious and precious (gold and sterling silver) metals.

Is Dama only a manufacturer?

No, Dama does more than manufacture jewelry components. We also provide other important services to the jewelry industry:

Where is Dama located?

The Dama headquarters and US manufacturing facility is in Johnston, Rhode Island, approximately 5 miles from the city of Providence, but we have a global network of facilities so that we can serve our customers in their own time zone and in their own language. Our US location serves North America, Spanish-speaking Latin America, and Portuguese-speaking Brazil. We have a major factory in China and sales offices in Qingdao, Ningbo, and Hong Kong, China; Seoul, South Korea; and Bangkok, Thailand.

Is Dama part of the trend to outsource jobs from the US to other countries where wages are lower?

Dama has a major manufacturing facility in China primarily to serve that part of the world. We sell jewelry findings wholesale, and our customers are all of the large manufacturers in China who make finished product for companies such as Swarovski, Liz Claiborne, and Daisy Fuentes.  We’ve had a long-term presence in China. Our US jobs are not being outsourced; we plan to continue manufacturing jewelry components in the US as well as in China. Our ability to compete is not based on outsourcing but on our use of the latest technology and the automation of many manufacturing processes.

How are your clutches packaged?

Dama sells jewelry findings wholesale to businesses that assemble jewelry. We package most clutches in 5,000-piece bags and our sterling silver ST111 butterflies in 10,000-piece bags.

What is the minimum that can be ordered?

Dama accepts orders of $100 or more for delivery within the country where we manufacture the jewelry components (the US or China) and orders of $300 or more for international orders.

What are your units of measure?

Dama sells most of its products in units of 100 pieces (C) or 1,000 pieces (M).

What are Coconut Wires?

Coconut wires secure jewelry, such as pendants, charms, and endless hoops, quickly and easily to cards for display purposes.

What are Safety Barbs?

Safety barbs secure jewelry, hair accessories, and watches to display cards.

Can I order jewelry findings that are not in the catalogue?

Certainly. Dama will gladly quote you a price on different jewelry findings and let you know what minimum order size might apply.

Can I interchange posts?

It depends on the operation you are performing. You can substitute a fusion post for a casting post if you are going to insert the post into a mold for white metal casting. You cannot substitute a casting post for a fusion post.