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We Deliver Quickly and Inexpensively

sterling silver pricing There is no secret to our fast, inexpensive delivery of jewelry findings. It’s just common sense.

Shorter Shipping Distance Means Quick Delivery

Much of today’s jewelry is assembled in China, so Chinese manufacturers are major customers of Dama. If you are a jewelry manufacturer in China and need a shipment of jewelry components, what’s the best way to get what you need quickly? Order from a company that manufactures those jewelry findings right there in China. And if you are a company assembling sterling silver, base or alternative metal jewelry in North America, we offer the same kind of fast delivery advantage. We manufacture our precious metal jewelry components at our US factory, so the jewelry components you order get to you as quickly as possible – without being shipped half-way around the globe.

We Pass our Transportation Savings to You

Even though Dama manufactures jewelry findings inexpensively, if we still had to ship them long distances, our prices would have to be high. Transportation is a large part of the cost of any products in the jewelry supply industry. But with factories on two continents, we can hold our shipping costs down and pass those savings on to our customers.